About Easigrass India

Based in Chennai, India, We started with a humble beginning and we have been able to become one of the leading artificial grass companies throughout Chennai and south India. This is because of our continuous commitment to our customers and leading the charge through technological advancements and staying ahead of our time. Since 2015, Easigrass have been able to exclusively cater to the garden needs of our individual customers across the country through our network of qualified and trained installers.

Happy Customers of Easigrass

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As part of a continued drive and commitment to quality, Easigrass fit sports installations internationally. The company has a specifically dedicated group of technicians who can be dispatched anywhere in the world to install domestic grass.

Always looking to expand its network, Easigrass has firmly proven itself as one of world’s leading artificial landscape providers. Easigrass is the most recognised and trusted brand within the industry.

The company’s mission statement is to establish Easigrass as a household name.